Bet You Can't Last 10 Slow Pumps

Released at: April 17, 2022 by My Pervy Family
You'd think my stepsister Sophia was a prude. The way she reacted after she overheard me talking about some slut with a phat ass... stuck up! She's got a pretty phat ass herself, I don't think she's getting the kinda dick that she needs - her boyfriend Jacob just can't do it. I didn't think my theory would be proven correct so quickly, I was shocked when she came in and lifted up her skirt & showed me her pussy. She wanted me to give her what her boyfriend doesn't; orgasms. She doesn't think I can outlast her pussy. Challenge accepted! I slide my big cock into my stepsister's hairy pussy and start fucking her - not going to lie her big natural tits & juicy pusdy did not make this easy. But I made her cum in missionary before she rode me hard with that phat ass and had another orgasm. She blew my cock for a bit and then asked me to bend her over which was my favorite part. I slammed her pussy and watched her ass jiggle and shake as I grabbed her big tits popping out of her top for another orgasm in the bag. Speaking of popping, she let me cum all over her face. Take that Jacob!

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