Box Truck Sex: Street Sex 5

Released at: July 17, 2017 by Box Truck Sex
**Scene 1: Lydia Lust Throat Fucked** When we approach this beautiful Canadian woman on the streets with a request to chat with her, she's a bit put-off, but she agrees to little chat with us after confessing how attractive she finds our crewmember. With a friendly and chatty personality, this brunette agrees to come inside our truck to learn more about it. With a comfortable rapport with our crewmember, she quickly agrees to demonstrate the kickboxing skills she's been bragging about. **Scene 2: Christina Shine Masturbates In Public** How could we not see this busty woman walking down the sidewalk this afternoon? Wearing short, pink crop top and tiny shorts, there's no way we could let the stunning Christina pass us by. While she's a bit reluctant to chat with us at first, we persevere, and we're soon making conversation with this lovely woman. She's on her way to work, and it gives us a perfect opportunity to chat about her salary. When we let her know that she could make as much as she does in a month - just by stepping into our truck - she doesn't hesitate! **Scene 3: Rye Tye Fucks In Public** When we stop this elegant-looking woman on the street for a quick chat, she's happy to indulge us in some of our questions. From Budapest with the polite manners to match, we quickly find out that she's looking for a job - and we're certainly willing to help! After we discuss the job options we have available, we make it clear to Rye Tye that she's going to have to convince us that she's worth hiring. **Scene 4: Sofia Like Proves Her Worth For Future Public Erotic Photoshoots** Ready to get another girl in our truck, we head outside on this chilly day, and we're surprised to find Sofia so quickly! A beautiful Russian who's friendly and playful, we quickly talk this girl into stepping into our truck. If you love foreign accents, you're going to love our latest model! She doesn't speak a bit of English, so you'll get to listen to her lovely Russian while our crew members translate well enough to help you understand exactly what's going on.

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Lydia Lust

Scene2: 00:36:08 - 01:23:48 (47:40)

Scene3: 01:23:56 - 02:11:56 (48:00)


Rye Tye

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Sofia Like