Breast Wishes #13

Released at: March 4, 2010 by LBO
A blonde with big tits! Suddenly the world seems like paradise. When she agrees to let her well endowed friend stick his business between those tits, heaven seems to open its doors. In thanks, dick loosens his love juices over her creamy jugs. Lovely Bianca Trump and her lovely hooters interrupt their sunning to take Don on a trip down mammary lane, points of interest include a trip over the mountains of her chest and into the canyons between her legs. A good, gooey time is had by all concerned. Tit lovers take note! This scene is a textbook study in the proper lubrication of jaw, mouth, breast and points south. Danyel Cheeks has what it takes to show you a good time... and Tony takes full advantage of what she has to offer.

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