Buttman Focused Brazil

Released at: December 9, 2015 by Evil Angel
Legendary lover of asses everywhere, director John "Buttman" Stagliano has brought his widely acclaimed "Focused" technique on hot footage from bootylicious Brazil. This handcrafted, marathon selection of fetish clips, "Buttman Focused Brazil," features the sensual toys, posing and tease that his fans have come to love, but mixes in new categories of explicit, hard-core action starring the most gorgeous and sexual Latin lovelies on video. The content is classified in sections of erotic interest - Walking Butts, Wedgie, My Nose Your Crack, Hot Babes, Boobs, Suck It, Tight Clothes & Ass, Bare Ass & Gapes, Pussy Eating, Wet Shot, Lick It!, Buttholes, Fuck It! and Milk Enema - so the viewer can immediately locate a preferred specialty or perversion and see it demonstrated by voluptuous Brazilian bombshells, like Marcelinha Moraes, Jessica Taylor, Agatha Moreno, Monica Santhiago, Talita Brandao, Joyce Oliveira and Bella. Whether it's face sitting, blow jobs, anal close-ups, clothed tease, hard fucking or cum shots, you get concentrated doses of your favorite kinks. This movie is like a six-hour highlight reel of a Brazilian sex tour - presented in vivid, customized "Focus"! Scene 1 - WALKING BUTTS: When Buttman takes his roving camera to tropical Brazil, his favorite activity is shooting the plump, juicy asses of gorgeous Latinas from the back. These sultry ladies mezmerize with firm, shapely rears, their huge, jiggling butt cheeks rocking back and forth as they strut about seductively. Whether they're swathed in tight clothing or tanned, tempting and fully nude, they inspire dedicated devotees of ass to closely follow behind... Scene 2 - WEDGIE: Stunning Brazilian bombshell Talita Brandao loves using her sexy body to seduce the camera. As Buttman shoots the action, this slender-but-butt-blessed Latin beauty models skin-tight, white lace leggings that disappear up the crack of her giant, round, outrageous booty - sculpting every curve of her generous hips, fine crack, juicy buns and even the plump outline of Talita's sweet pussy mound. Scene 3 - MY NOSE YOUR CRACK: Whether they're clad - in skin-tight fabric or a skimpy thong - or completely nude, these girls' fine, round Brazilian asses just beg for a man's worshipful face between their meaty cheeks. Buttman and his buddies enjoy crack-sniffing and bouncy, grinding, smothering, face-sitting fun with a stunning array of beautiful, big-booty Latinas in this highlight reel of sensually ass-centric video Scene 4 - HOT BABES: In this highlight reel of sensuous tease, director Buttman captures the incomparable beauty of Brazil's sexy ladies. On the city streets, at the beach or in private hotel rooms, richly tanned, gorgeous Latinas show off sweet tits and fine, jiggling booties for our inspection. Get ready for big ass teasing, pussy spreading - and even some hard-core fucking - with these beautiful, voluptuous sluts. Scene 5 - BOOBS: When legendary director John "Buttman" Stagliano visits Brazil, he can't keep his camera from pointing at the sweet, ripe tits of the local Latina bombshells. In this intimate highlight reel of sultry tease clips, gorgeous, show-off sluts like Jessica Taylor, Agatha Moreno and Bella preen and pose, unveiling their fat, tan-lined boobies - and sensuously stroking their nipples for their enjoyment (and ours). Scene 6 - SUCK IT: These gorgeous ladies are some of the finest cocksuckers Brazil has to offer! In this highlight reel of hard-core blow jobs, seven luscious Latinas gag on huge, meaty dicks. It's wet, intimate throat-fucking, ball-licking oral action. Agatha Moreno gives stud Jazz Duro some sloppy, deep-throat attention; dark-skinned Bella takes on two relentless dudes with massive boners; and sweet Talita Brandao uses her talented mouth to worship her man's thick, throbbing shaft. Scene 7 - TIGHT CLOTHES & ASS: Nothing displays a big, juicy butt better than skintight spandex (or similarly form-fitting attire). In this highlight reel of intimate video clips, director Buttman shoots the thick, round booties of Latina beauties in Brazil. With thin leggings wedged up in the cracks of their outrageously plump asses, these luscious ladies tease the camera as their duds hugs every curve and leave nothing to the imagination! Scene 8 - BARE ASS & GAPES: In this highlight reel of sensuous tease clips, beautiful Brazilian babes present their firm, thick, bouncy booties for American director Buttman. Peeling down their underwear, parting their tanned ass cheeks and showing off their adorable, winking buttholes for our view (and a probing tongue), our luscious ladies get off on spreading themselves for your pornographic pleasure. Scene 9 - PUSSY EATING: Beautiful Brazilian sluts love to have their juicy, shaved pussies worshiped by a man's eager tongue. In three intimate clips captured by director John "Buttman" Stagliano, we see adorable Talita Brandao, voluptuous Monica Santhiago and thick, sexy Agatha Moreno lying back and spreading their thighs so horny Latin dudes can enjoy a luxurious taste of that sweet female nectar. Scene 10 - WET SHOT: A series of sultry Latin beauties enjoys hot loads of tasty sperm in this highlight reel of messy video clips assembled from director Buttman's travels in tropical Brazil. See tanned, sensuous sluts worshiping fat cocks with their hands and mouths ... and getting their gorgeous faces and tits splattered in splooge! Our horny girls do their oral best before eagerly lapping up puddles of creamy cum. Scene 11 - LICK IT!: In this highlight reel of sensuous, hard-core clips from his travels in sultry Brazil, legendary director Buttman presents a bevy of gorgeous Latinas that love getting their sweet pussies and tender buttholes pleasurably licked, eaten and worshiped by horny studs and other naughty girls. These sluts get their most sensitive holes thoroughly cleaned and probed by a series of eager tongues. Scene 12 - BUTTHOLES: Toys, multiple fingers and tongues - that's what it takes to tame the hungry assholes of the tanned, sultry Brazilian beauties here. In a selection of explicit, up close and very intimate video clips, legendary director Buttman examines the winking anuses of five stunning Latinas. The fine sluts stuff their rectums with all manner of objects in a private anal showcase for your erotic enjoyment. Scene 13 - FUCK IT!: Gorgeous Latina pussies and buttholes get ruthlessly pounded in an erotic showcase of hard-core action from the files of legendary director Buttman. Stunning, glamorous, big-assed Brazilian beauties get their tender holes drilled by thick, throbbing Latin cocks. The girls passionately ride huge, stiff pricks in this epic selection of wild, nasty clips that cut to the chase. Fuck the tease; here's the pleasing pay-off! Scene 14 - MILK ENEMA: Tanned Brazilian temptress Bella gets on all fours for a kinky creamy anal cleanse from Latin pervert Alex Ferraz. With Bella's plump, gorgeous ass in the air, Alex squirts warm milk up her rectum from a rubber bulb. The voluptuous slut's phat booty expels milk, splattering his face! He then drools the fluid into Bella's mouth in a sloppy, sensuous kiss. Then these insatiable perverts do it again!

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