Damsel In Distress 434 - Cuckholded Brother Revolts

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Charlene is the popular one in school. She acts stuck up at school but nothing like at home. She browbeats her step-brother and step-father into doing everything for her. Her step-brother hates it but still does everything she demands. Ever since her step-mother left she has been acting like the queen bitch at home. She comes home from school and throws her coat on the floor. She sits down in her step-father's chair and calls Frank. She tells him to get her a drink. He brings her a soda. She takes a couple sips and sets it down. She kicks off her shoes and tells Frank to file her toenails. She bitches at him the whole time, telling him what a lousy job he is doing. She grabs the nail file and tells him to go run her a bath. He stomps out of the room but does what she says. She waits until she hears the water go off and then walks into the bedroom. She just stands in front of him and tells him to undress her. Once she is naked she takes a bath. She calls for him to tell him she is done. He is waiting in the bedroom. She walks out of the bathroom and hands him the towel. She tells him to dry her off. After she is dry she lays on the bed and tells him to massage her. He rubs her back as she continues to tell him what a terrible job he is doing. He starts rubbing her neck but she complains that he is doing it too hard. He continues to press harder and harder. He is so mad that he cannot take it anymore. He grabs her neck and squeezes until she faints. She wakes up tied naked to the bed. Frank has had it with her attitude and teasing. He stuffs a pair of her dirty panties in her mouth. She grunts and screams at him. It is his turn now. He does everything for her. Now she is going to do something for him. He unbuttons his pants and she screams no way. Before she knows it he is shoving his cock deep into her mouth. It is a good thing she can deepthroat because he is not showing her any mercy. She tells him to just get it over with. She just wants him to get off so he will untie her. He slides between her legs and fucks her hard. No point in resisting. He clamps his hand over her mouth as he fucks her shoving her panties deeper into her mouth. He pulls out and shoots cum all over her chest and stomach. She whines and tells him to untie her.

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