Don't Tell Mommy 2

Released at: January 27, 2010 by Trix Video
If you have seen DONT TELL MOMMY then DO see this one DONT TELL MOMMY #2!!! This one has a house filled with young girls who do NOT care who they fuck or WHERE they are on the family tree! You'll see 7 scenes with each scene featuring some BIZARRE sexcapades and you'll wish YOU were at this house! Scene 1 has a daughter meeting a daddy and his old friend who use her mouth, pussy and asshole as their personal TEEN playground! Scene 2 has a sister fucking and sucking off her brothers best friends who shoot cum into every hole while a daddy films it all! Scene 3 has an 18 year old HOT teen girl walking in on a daddy while he's jerking off to a porn movie and she tells him just what SHE wants to do with his dick and cum while MOMS in the next room. Scene 4 features two of the girls bathing together and they do some filthy things to each others holes and even decide that they BOTH have a fetish for each others cute feet! Scene 5 and 6 is FILTHY as Chrissy takes a piss and then douches out her cum filled asshole and pussy while the boys all watch and tease her for being such a teenage slut! Scene 6 has two sisters that are as wild as it gets as one of them is pissed at the other for fucking her new boyfriend. She hangs her up by chains to the ceiling and gives her a good hard whipping on her tiny young nipples, cute white butt and she makes sure her clit is spanked as well...don't worry though. they DO make up in a VERY TABU way as you will see, but you know how southern girls are...! This is a hot one and CUM filled from start to finish! No NASTY old bags here, just young, supple, horny and WILD THINGS that LOVE to FUCK anywhere and at anytime!

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Scene3: 00:34:19 - 00:49:10 (14:51)

Scene4: 00:49:15 - 00:59:13 (9:58)

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