DP Virgins

Released at: September 7, 2016 by Reality Junkies
Girls appreciate a good stiff cock. But there's only gonna be the greedy ones who need two at a time! Angel is attending a house party...music is great...but there's a loser guy constantly hitting on her, telling her to get with him because he's a "baller" ...she gets pissed and throws her drink on him. Finally, the real "ballers" come in and Angel decides to show them how to have fun in the club filling all her holes with their huge cocks! Danny and Morgan have been together for 6 months and Morgan wants to get more experimental in the bedroom. Danny is conservative...but agrees with her fantasy of a DP...so they invite Danny's best friend Chad over for double the action! Trisha's dad is angry...she had bad grades on her report card...so he grounds her. Her dad heads to the living room, with the boys watching Sunday football. During halftime he goes out to buy some more beer and food... little does he know Trisha is entertaining his guest with a DP Touchdown. Yhivi and her mom are finally going to meet their new step family, so they drive to their house and meet her Stepdad with their Step-uncle Tommy and Step-son Bill. After meeting them at their new house her mom and stepdad go out to get their furniture. Tommy and Bill decide to welcome their new Step-sister Yhivi into the family with some DP fun.

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Morgan Lee

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