Ebony Muscle Groupie

Released at: February 13, 2015 by Iron Belles
Maryse opens the door to find a Groupie Fan just dying to meet her! In walks Naadia who is sporting some of her own muscles and immediately is "star struck" by Maryse's rippling muscles!! She just can't get enough and asks Maryse to help her pose better and be a better bodybuilder. At which time Maryse obliges and then starts taking off Naadia's clothes. The girls pose a bit, and then decide to show off their best wrestling moves! Back and forth these two women go at it, in the buff of course, for a great Ebony n' Ivory muscle combo. Ebony and Ivory Muscle naked on the floor intertwined in wrestling holds, breast smotherings, muscle worship, even a big kiss at the end...Whew! What a workout!

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