Female Agent Presents - Rollie

Released at: August 1, 2017 by Female Agent Clips
First off I must apologize to all of you for the technical fault that occurred whilst filming this casting. One of our cameras was filming but the video file became corrupted and unusable, so we only had one camera with which to put the scene together so it can be slightly jerky at times. Won't happen again, I promise. Anyway, Rollie came into the office bragging that he had slept with 350 girls which set my bullshit detector into overdrive. Rollie was an attractive young man, but because of his age I thought he was lying to me so I decided to tease him. I wound him up, being a complete cock tease to the poor chap till his balls were tighter then a coiled spring. All this teasing was winding me up as well so I decided to test his tongue out. He lay down and I straddled his face, pressing down on his lips with my own. His tongues consumed my pussy and it felt amazing so I decided to let him fuck me doggy style. I made him wear a condom just in case as he professed to sharing bed with so many girls, and he began to pound me from behind. But then just as it started to get good, it stopped and he complained that he could not fuck me with a condom on. So it looked like I was going to have to take care of myself once more. I made him wank himself to orgasm whilst I slid a dildo in and out of my beautiful pussy and after he came I threw him out, useless man. Then I fucked myself to orgasm, twitching and groaning on the end of my toy and making my pussy ever so sensitive.

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