Fuck Me Silly Vol. 10

Released at: June 7, 2022 by Digital Playground
The Damsel: Ally (Siri Dahl) is a mysterious lady running away from her past in the middle of the night. She ends up in a speakeasy, where she meets the seductive Don (Alex Jones). While flirting with the elusive woman, Don comes to realize Ally might attract trouble like she attracts men. Now, the two of them are stuck in the bar's storage room, hiding from a menacing mobster. Is Ally as harmless as she claims to be? Maybe a taste of the damsel's body will give Don some clues. Once Upon A Stranger: While driving slightly distracted, good-natured family man Mitchell Stevens (Xander Corvus) almost hits beautiful stranger Amber (Kendra Sunderland) with his car. Wanting to make right on the mishap, Mitchell invites Amber back to the home he shares with his lovely wife Katherine for a hot meal and a warm be to spend the night. But as Mitchell spends more time in Amber's presence, Katherine starts to notice a frightening shift in her mild mannered husband's behavior. Will the mysterious seductress come between the happy couple, or will love conquer all? Revenge Is Sweet: Jaz (Honour May) is one of the world's most infamous hackers, but even outlaws have bosses. When street tough Grayson (Danny D) shows up at her door to retrieve intel she owes the boss, Jaz must quickly figure out a way to keep her hold on both the precious data and the bodyguard's good graces. After all, Jaz wants to start her own company... and the cunning cyber-criminal will need all the backup she can get! Broadhouse Bar: Customers come to the Broadhouse Bar for two reasons: both the drinks and the chicks will kick your ass! Blonde bombshell Roxanne (Paige Owens) shows up looking for a job, but the other barmaids tell her she'll have to work probation until the club's boss, Dante (Scott Nails), shows up. Roxanne can handle herself, and puts customers into their place, earning the gaze of the well-connected Dante. But is it employment Roxanne is after? Or Dante's little black book where he tracks all of his underground operations? Bouncer Bitch: It's 18-25 only in the city's most popular club, and Danny D's got a fake ID! Determined to get in and flirt with some pretty younger women, there's only one thing stopping him: bad ass bouncer bitch Gina Varney! Meticulously checking each would be club-goer's ID, Gina easily spots Danny's cheap knock off. Danny will do anything to get into the club, including pleasing his way past the threshold, but does he even want to see what's inside? Be careful what you wish for, it just might surprise you!

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Siri Dahl

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Honour May

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