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Released at: October 19, 2021 by abbywinters
Scene 1: Sitting behind Elysa, Lucia smells her hair deeply as she gets closer to her. Sliding her hand from behind, she caresses her breasts and kisses her neck softly before undressing Elysa and revealing her freckled body. Standing before Elysa, Lucia closes her eyes as Elysa pulls her panties aside, revealing her hairy vulva before caressing her clit with her lips and tongue. Down on all fours Elysa smiles when she feels Lucia's ouch from behind, getting ready to finger her to orgasm. Scene 2: Yasmeena is calmly laying on top of Maylin in her pajamas when Maylin slowly begins to caress her breasts. Leaving her tablet aside, Yasmeena turns around to face Maylin, getting closer to her as Maylin grabs her round bum and pulls her towards her. Laying on all fours, Yasmeena closes her eyes while Maylin pulls fown her panties uncovering her hairy pussy. Maylin spreads Yasmeena's butt cheeks apart, and gives her a passionate oral from behind, using her fingers to pleasure her. Sitting next to each other's hands against their hairy vulva's, fingering each other as they get closer and closer to their climax.

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