It's Anybodys Mess

Released at: March 27, 2018 by Desperate Pleasures
Here it is, the show you've all been waiting for, the pilot to It's Anybody's Mess. After screening several contestants we've narrowed the host position down to 2 sexy young ladies, Callie Klein and Jenni Bliss. With Vanna Black as our "Semi-Impartial Referee," these girls face off in a contest of oral skills to see who can make messes of naked guys in this exciting CFNM facial off. Who will emerge the victor and claim the prize today? **Ada Bomb** After her interview for the show, we invited Ada back for a few challenges. One of the quests she had to complete is called Boat The Cock. Ada has to use her hands and mouth to make a guy cum as fast as she possibly can. Ada aggressively devours his cock as the clock keeps ticking until she gets a messy load. Will she beat the cock or the clock? **Tucker Stevens** After getting through her first audition challenge, Tucker was ready for pretty much anything. When we told her she was playing beat the cock, her face lit up and she started grabbing zippers. Tucker grabs some whipped cream and covers both cocks then starts sucking like a woman possessed. She sucks and strokes both cocks desperately trying to beat the time from previous contestants. Tucker deepthroats and fervently devours their precum until both guys explode all over her face. Did she beat the cock enough?

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Scene1: 00:00:02 - 00:24:35 (24:33)


Ada Bomb

Scene2: 00:24:38 - 00:43:15 (18:37)

Scene3: 00:43:17 - 00:48:10 (4:53)

Scene4: 00:48:15 - 01:18:32 (30:17)

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Scene6: 01:30:32 - 02:35:57 (1:05:25)