Jerky Girls Of America Vol. 7

Released at: November 23, 2018 by Desperate Pleasures
**Kay Kash** After getting her midterm grade Kay realizes she's in a bit of trouble. Saturday morning she stops by the classroom to talk to her professor. He gives her a really hard time about her behavior, but Kay has a plan. She seduces her professor with her massive tits and convinces him to give her extra credit based on her oral presentations. She sucks and strokes that dick until he explodes all over the place. She agrees to keep up the extra credit assignments! **Lola Chanel** Brad got hired at a local warehouse and showed up bright, and early. The boss' daughter Lola greeted him with an unusual task. She had him drop his shorts and she wrapped her 18-year-old hands around his cock. Lola strokes his cock hard and fast until Brad explodes all over her and the office too. **Lenna Luxx** 18-year-old Lenna has been jerking her ass off to meet her quota for Jerkygirls of America and has one cock left. When she shows up at Jack's door he's pleasantly surprised. Soon as she tells him why she's there Lenna gets his big cock in her tiny hands and starts stroking. Before long Jack has her free up her huge natural tits so she ends up giving him a titjob too. Lenna's big tits and tiny hands soon pull a huge load all over her chest.

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Kay Kash

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Lenna Lux

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Evi Rei

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Maria Jade