Just Her Luck

Released at: June 21, 2021 by Nubile Films
The girls exchange some flirty text messages as Rebecca makes her way home but Veronica tells her lover she's starting without her. When Rebecca arrives home, she finds Veronica with her legs spread and a vibrator on her clit. It's movie night and the girls settle in on the couch together to hang out. When Scarlett glances over to see Emma's miniskirt riding up on her thighs, she takes the opportunity to trail her fingers across Emma's panties to tease her clit. After a night out, Sophie asks Kyler if she wants to come back to her place. When they get inside, Sophie releives Kyler of her heels and rubs her feet for a moment, then tells Kyler that she's going to slip into something a little bit more comfortable. Scarlett waits on the bed wearing a blindfold and a look of pure anticipation. Decked out in a sheet fishnet bra and a thong that shows off her long legs and slim thighs, Luna is ready to be in charge of both Scarlett's pleasure and her own.

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