Lori Anderson's - Hairy Arms 2

Released at: January 20, 2009 by Internet Entertainment
My hairy arms have always drawn the attention of my members. I have 2" long arm hair. Guys love to watch me jack off my man while admiring my arm hair. Well, in this movie, I have a couple of different girls fondling my arm hair. Keana comes over one day and we're looking through magazines at the table and she starts asking me about my arm hair. How embarrassing! Imagine my surprise when she can't stop talking about it. Before ya know it, she's playing with my arm hair! I guess it was kinda a turn on for me. Same with Danielle. I invited her over one day to film a couple of wet and messy scenes for my website. While we were waiting on the set she was checking out my arm hair. She couldn't believe how long it was. I have some outside scenes in this movie as well. In my bikini out on the lake with my arm hair glistening in the sunlight. Long, blonde arm hair. It's a strange world. ;-) Luv, Lori xoxo

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