Mandy Goodhandy #2: Hanky Panky Gets Spanky Spanky

Released at: June 8, 2005 by Mayhem North
There has been some tomfoolery going on in the mailroom. Employees photocopying their asses. Evidence of this is slipped under CEO Mandy Goodhandy's door. Miss Goodhandy phones secretary Anita Spankman and asks her to send the mailroom boys Rick and Nick to her office right away. Rick is brought into the office first. After a brief interrogation, Mandy presents Rick with the evidence. Rick pretends not to know what she is holding in her hands. "These are photocopies of boys' asses. Believe me, I've seen enough boys' asses to know what one looks like. And I think one is Rick and one is Nick." Nick is told to get up against the desk. Then he is instructed to drop his pants. He asks, "Is this really necessary?" and is informed by Ms. Goodhandy that if he wishes to keep his job, he'll have to prove his innocence. Rick drops his pants, and after ruling out the first photocopy, she declares the second one an "exact match". Rick is sent back into the reception to wait. After much resistance and denial from Nick, Mandy gets him to drop his drawers, and declares, "This is an exact match!! It's almost like twins going on here, I don't know how you two can deny it." Rick is brought back into the office, and finally breaks down and admits that he did photocopy his butt, and that he really needs to keep his job. Mandy Goodhandy informs him that she is just distraught over the whole situation, and that the only way to resolve things will be for her to give Rick a good spanking. Mandy spanks Rick through the jeans briefly, and then sends for Nick, who is listening through the wall. After more resistance from Nick, and declarations of discomfort, Mandy Goodhandy begins Nick's punishment regimen by spanking him through his khakis. Rick is brought back in for some over-the-knee spanking, and then both boys are ordered to strip to their underwear. Mandy spanks them against the wall, stating, "There's only one thing better than spanking a bad boy, that's spanking 2 bad boys". When the 2 bad boys are asked to turn around, Mandy discovers just how bad they both are -- because they are both sporting full erections. "So you're turning this into a sexual situation. How dare you! I am not here for you to treat as a sex object." It is clear that the boys haven't learned their lessons yet. Rick is put over Mandy's knee for some further punishment. Nick is made to wait, chest pressed to the desk. Nick receives some over the knee spanking, and then both boys are asked to turn around -- revealing erections once again. Mandy Goodhandy is NOT impressed. Further punishment ensues, both over-the-knee, and against the wall, and then the boys are asked to pick up the photocopy belonging to them. Nick finally admits that he photocopied his butt, and apologizes with sincerity, but Rick can't keep a straight face. Both men are sent back to the reception to wait, Mandy declaring to Nick "Obviously the two of you are working as a team, so if he's getting punished, so are you". Mandy phones Anita and asks for her to send the mailroom supervisor to the office. Richard arrives to find his two underlings nude in the waiting area - "Staff meeting," Rick tells him. It becomes pretty clear from Richard's attitude that he should be called "Dick", and that therefore he is part of a little trio containing Rick, Nick, and Dick. And Ms. Goodhandy decides that Dick is obviously not running a tight ship down in the mailroom if his employees are getting away with this type of nonsense. "I think this is going to be the new policy at Goodhandy Enterprises. Bad boys get spanked." Rick and Nick are called back in to witness their supervisor being spanked. The three men are lined up against the wall and all given more spankings. When all three men turn around with big hard-ons, Mandy Goodhandy realizes that she has some serious jokers on her hand. The men are made to lay, chest on the desk, for more discipline. Nick is given one last spanking, and then he is dismissed. Rick and Nick are given their final spankings, and also dismissed. Alone, Mandy Goodhandy rubs her stinging hands together and says "Well, that felt pretty good to me." TRAILERS: The end of Mandy Goodhandy Vol. 2 contains 6 trailers - Mandy Goodhandy Volume 1 - Hanky Panky Gets Spanky Spanky, Men of Mayhem North Vol. 1 - Interviews by Mandy, as well as trailers for the entire "Whacks from the Warehouse" series and a trailer for our all-male Wrestle Spank video "Spank Scene to Tag Team".

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