Pamela Petrokova Pantyhose Tease

Released at: July 15, 2013 by Playtime Video
Pamela is a blonde goddess dressed up as a sexy secretary home from work and feeling extremely sexy. She is wearing black control-top pantyhose with a cotton crotch panel and no panties on underneath. Her direct eye contact and slow-motion movements will have your cock throbbing instantly. Her long, sexy legs are showcased in her sexy pantyhose as she strokes them slowly from top to bottom. She does a slow striptease to only her pantyhose and reveals her tanned, toned body. The silent, provocative way she sucks on her fingers will cause an explosion in your pants as she stares into your eyes. Finally she rolls the pantyhose down very slowly and uses them to rub all over her naked body and leaves you with a full pink spread of her sweet hairy pussy. Pamela is home after a night out and we find her grooming herself in the bathroom mirror. She slowly changes out of her evening dress and high heels and once she gets down to her white pantyhose she decides to leave them on for a bit as she strokes herself slowly over the hose. It's clear to see how much she enjoys the feel of the pantyhose against her skin. She is turned on by the touch as she moves in slow motion giving you every up-close, tasty angle before she slides them down and shows you her sexy white G-string panty. In the bathroom next to the tub we find Pamela in nothing but a pair of nude-colored pantyhose with nothing on underneath. She moves to the shower, turns it on and begins to drench herself in her pantyhose. Her perfect body is more than your cock can handle as the water runs down every inch of her. She closes the shower door and presses her pantyhose-covered body up against the glass. This is a shower scene you won't want to miss! Live Sound but No Talking. Full Nudity.

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