Panty Frenzy Vol. 1

Released at: March 29, 2014 by Playtime Video
In a fast paced, compilation style, these amateur sex symbols move real slow and firm to show off their pretty bodies. They gesture that they REALLY need a fat cock wedged up inside of them. The next best thing is to just model and play with themselves gently until someone can help them cum! More panties than you can shake your DICK at! Watch the Playtime hotties get the panty perv out of you. We feature Nelly, Kim Canyon, Crystal Klein and Jesse V. in a smorgasbord of white, yellow, print, silk, cotton, bikini and thong panties just to name a few! Every girl does her best in these quick, short scenes, multiples of each one! All scenes focus on the cute panties. Everything from Jesse rubbing her panty covered crotch, pointing at you to jack it then immediately having cheerleader Nelly standing over you, letting you look up her skirt, snapping the waistband of her tight white nylon bikini panties. All the girls verbally tease you. They all were picked because they are all panty sexpots. "Do you have your cock out yet?" Kim Canyon purrs letting you sniff her white panty covered crotch. Most of the girls grab the camera and thrust it onto their panty charms. Many long well lit up shots while panties are tugged and rubbed with you in mind. The girls love guys stroking to them, especially guys who like panties, Like You! You blast your wad as Crystal pulls her sheer black nylon panties taught onto her tight mound. This is a highlight tape of some of your favorite Playtime panty babes. This will be your favorite panty video of all time.

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