Pick Up Lines #70

Released at: November 5, 2002 by Silverstone Entertainment
**JENIFER:** An oceanside patio brings out her deepest sexual hunger. She spreads her legs for the thorough satisfaction of a pile-driving fuck. **SANDY & JASMIN:** What is it about sports cars? a hot rod inspires two blonde pixies to show off their hot bods, and after handling a stud's stick shift, their pussies are tuned up till they purr. **KATE & ANGEL:** Two tasty beauticians show the meaning of full-service salon. Their customer came in for a shave, but they do their best work on his other head. **KELLY:** Her tiny red bikini makes a Brazilian bull go wild. He eats and hammers her shaved pussy, then fucks her ass to an anal orgasm! **NICKY:** A romantic rooftop meeting puts a young couple in the mood for some serious sex. Check out the view of his tool in her box and his load on her face. **SANDY SHORES:** Twin cocks should sate shit pert blonde's hearty appetite! She blows both dicks to climax, aided by her pierced tongue.

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