Released at: December 15, 2018 by Your Choice Productions
Brighton MILF Ms. Rock offers some of her greatest sexshows. You're treated to six hardcore scenes (plus two bonus scenes) on a three hour disc. Starring the U.K.'s most outrageous porn star, all scenes were selected by Daisy herself. They run the gamut from unplanned, candid shoots with top studs to superbly shot vignettes. Daisy Rock ranks among Britain's most outstanding porn stars. She is, as they say, 'sex on two legs'. The reason Daisy is so revered by anyone who's ever watched her fuck is simple: she really loves it. Daisy is a true-to-life (and very generous) slut. By filming her sexploits, she not only satisfies her own sexual appetite, we're granted the opportunity to have a little taste as well! And boy, does it taste good! The action begins with Daisy and her friend Sara working over a teenaged female slave. Next, regular-joe Phil gets the chance of a lifetime in one of Daisy's famous Fan Fucks! In scene three, she surprises American star Tabitha with her hung, black friend Richard. Then, Daisy goes on a Manhunt and lands a big one with business man Jonny Cockfill. In a truly rare, unscripted scene, Daisy takes on porn legend Steve Holmes in one of the most intense shows we've seen in ages. Last but not least, Satine Spark hopes to land a job as Daisy's office assistant, but the interview isn't quite what she expected!

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:28:16 (28:15)

Scene2: 00:28:16 - 00:49:43 (21:27)

Scene3: 00:49:43 - 01:20:00 (30:17)

Scene4: 01:20:00 - 01:46:41 (26:41)

Scene5: 01:46:41 - 02:21:11 (34:30)

Scene6: 02:21:11 - 02:44:46 (23:35)

Scene7: 02:44:46 - 03:00:57 (16:11)