Pubic Barber School 2

Released at: October 19, 2007 by Randy De Troit
Smalls Get Naked - This is the first take when they initially get naked. She is a little shy at first not knowing the drill. One would assume Mr Small alerted to the perils of taking on a full size class, but lo and behold, they persevere and get prim and proper for the layout and are more comfortable for the duration of the class now. Mr & Mrs Both Suck Shave - These two cartoon characters are back again but with a vengeance. Mr Small has set up shop now as 'Shorty's Barber Shop' with new wifey 'Mrs Mid-Size, can't really call her Mrs Small anymore. She passed away, got drowned when she fell from a fishing vessel off the Barbary Coast. Don't know what the fuck they were doing there anyway. But we're here now and so are they and they are taking massive cock in their mouths, they do everything together, like a good couple should. So let's look in on Class #2 of the Pubic Barber School. And there will be more couples, bet! They seem to love the massive sex organ in their mouths as they share cock-shaving duties here. Mrs Midsize Shaves the Teacher - She takes the first turn shaving actually and keeps the instructor hard by sucking him off between shaving strokes. She has a good rhythm going now so let's watch and snicker as she attempts to put it all in her mouth but chokes trying. It won't fit cause her mouth is only mid-size. Mr Small Shaves_Sucks Teacher - We segment him alone now as he shines solo here. The little guy wants love too so he showers all the instructors' flowers, with his saliva. He tries to stuff that big cock into his little mouth, but it won't have it. Mr Small Bones Mrs Midsize - Mr Small gets his dick super hard, think he took some Viagra and his horse came in, so he's sticking hard meat into her vagina area but trying to impress the instructor this time and show him he's not slouch in the sex department. Just because he's little doesn't mean he performs small, right? Mr Small Laps Wifes Pussy - He gets her ready for the plunge, while licking her clit wet with his tiny tongue. You see Mr Small has always had to work harder to get the kind of recognition he deserves so let's watch him go to town performing his pussy lapping duties. Mrs Midsize Backs onto Cock - The Mrs gets horny, why not, she's got two dicks to choose from, not really, just tonight. They will go home together and she will forever be unsatisfied by Mr Small. But for just one day's class, she can live out her fantasies and get big dick for real and savor it into her little bitty hairy cavern. Mrs MidSize Gets Fucked by Teacher - The instructor ain't holding back, no way. He's going down into her vagina for the count, and ain't coming out too soon. He keeps making her cum so she's not in a hurry to go back to a smaller one either too soon. Mrs MidSize Gets Fucked by Mr Small - He's at it again, can't keep his cock out of her soft moist and dripping pussy. He pokes her but can stand up as he does it cause he's so small. Mrs Mid-Size Gives Head Gets Balled - She's strutting her stuff and getting more than she can remember in a years' worth of marriage. So she takes advantage of the class and turns it around to her benefit and grips with joy and ecstasy as the instructor jams back her pussy lips like he's married to her. She gives incredible head but can't seem to quite fit it in her mouth, oh well. Mr Small Gets Butt Fucked - It's happened before and it's happening again. The instructor has taken a liking to our Mr Small's behind the scenes and going in for points here, he jams his oversized cock into his anus with not only the wife's approval but her assistance as well. Amazing videos! Teacher Bones Mrs Midsize - He's doing her again. Without rhyme or reason. He doesn't need one. He's the man with the Pubic Barber Plan. He's going to franchize it all over Jeorgia and then on her backside too. He pounds her strong brown, Filipino body, with natural breasts, quite amazing in this day and age. We can sympathize with her, knowing she makes great sacrifices at home. Pubic Instructor Cums on Both - He just can't hold it any longer; they are just too much fun this holy pair. They have done everything the instructor asked and more, literally bent over backwards and forwards a few times. The flow comes like a tsunami in separate rushes on their vulnerable bodies. They take special note of the instructors' directions.

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