Selena Spreads Open Her Love

Released at: April 10, 2022 by Filthy Kings Clips
Selena is a diamond in the rough. A tiny 18 year-old with dimples and those new-fangled aligner braces. Perfect little tits & ass too. Best of all? She's a freaking pervert and she is excited to take on a significantly older Filthy Rich. She pulls out a leather paddle for Rich and he spanks her cute little ass. Rich eats this teen's shaved pussy before she absolutely slobbers all over his cock. Selena's cunt is dripping as he rams her hard, she likes it a lot! Rich facefucks a very willing Selena who tries not to gag with every thrust. He spanks her pussy with the paddle before rough-fucking her and spraying his cum all over her face & body. Now that's a satisfied customer.

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