Shane Diesel's Breakin' Em In Young 2

Released at: December 13, 2007 by Bone Digital
Shane Diesel is of the sexiest mature adult porn star with a very healthy 12 inch cock to offer any young lady willing to take it on. It some cases two females have to take on all of that cock because it is so big and hearty for one female to conquer. There is a bonus scene of a MILF cream pie where a young man is very gifted between his legs and partakes the task of banging someone's mother. Watch all 6 scenes and enjoy the pussy pounding from both fellows in various ways.

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Scene1: 00:00:05 - 00:28:38 (28:33)

Scene2: 00:32:58 - 00:57:24 (24:26)

Scene3: 00:57:27 - 01:28:04 (30:37)

Scene4: 01:28:07 - 01:57:44 (29:37)

Scene5: 02:02:43 - 02:14:48 (12:05)