Sirens Vol. 1

Released at: October 10, 2022 by Vixen
Allie is the lifeguard of your wettest dreams, but this private beach doesn't allow many opportunities for mouth-to-mouth. She might not be saving any lives, but one thing Allie understands: the tide always comes in. Single and vacationing at a resort, Nancy gets a massage from a staffer that releases her tension and works out all her kinks. Desperate for more, she hunts him down to find out just what else he can release if he goes even deeper. Watch out for trophy wives. Little Caprice might look like a petite package, but she's no docile piece of arm candy. When her husband keeps her waiting, she decides to call the shots and find a man who can live up to her demands. It might seem like paradise, but Freya is caught in a storm: her boyfriend couldn't make the cruise, and she can't help feeling an attraction to another passenger's man. Freya tries to keep her cool around her new friends, but that won't help if a hot air mass blows her way and passion hits like a hurricane. Part 1 of 2.

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