Sissy Rubber Sex Doll

Released at: February 21, 2012 by TransFetish Productions
**Scene 1:** The last thing Billy remembers is being at the bar trying to pick up a hot chick to take home for the night. He didn't realize that the hot chick was working for Mistress Lexi Sindel as sort of a talent scout. It's her job to find suitable males for Mistress Lexi to turn into sissy rubber sex dolls! Billy won't be much of a problem to transform thanks to Lexi's special serum. It makes males so compliant and very horny -- two qualities that are indispensable to a good sissy sex doll. Lucky for Billy Mistress Lexi decides to allow him one last release before he is totally transformed.. **Scene 2:** Billy's new life as Mistress Lexi's sissy rubber sex doll is just getting started. There's no turning back once she attaches Billy to the Fem-O-Tron 5000B girly maker machine. He'll have to balance in 6 inch heels while a steady stream of female hormones are pumped in one hole and out the other! The special cum extractor will make sure Billy stays nourished throughout the process. Then it's time to make sure Billy's fuck hole is ready to take whatever might want to slide inside so Mistress Lexi employs the Fucksall to do the job! **Scene 3:** Now that Mistress Lexi's shiny new rubber sex doll is trained and ready for sale, she decides to make him extra pretty with lots of glossy lip gloss. Then he'll have to orally service Miss Momo... you know, the girl he was trying to pick up at the bar for a little action so many weeks ago. Lexi delights in how well her sex doll can lick pussy before fitting him with a nice hard dildo mouth gag. **Scene 4:** The auction has ended and Lexi's sissy rubber sex doll has been sold... to a male master! Master Adam stops by to inspect his purchase before taking his new toy home. Mistress Lexi is delighted to show what a good sissy pet she's created so both of the bitch's fuck holes are used like they will be for the rest of its life!

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