Sybian Rides 4 Cash - Katie & Kelly Cameron

Released at: August 21, 2007 by Eros Arts
I have two hot, 22-year-old, blonde, identical twins ready to ride my Sybian today. Um, hello? TWINS! Katie and Kelly are Pennsylvania girls just breaking into the adult entertainment industry. This shoot is only the second one that they have ever done, so they are very new. Neither has ever ridden a Sybian before, but they do love sex toys. No, you dirty perverts, they don't have sex with one another, but they have shared guys before. That is just too hot to think about! In this shoot, I offer each sister the chance to take control of the Sybian while I watch them. Katie and Kelly love to tease each other when they have the controls in their hands. The girls are having a great time teasing one another. They also have very nice bodies, though Katie's titties are bigger than her sister's are. Kelly is the first to have her compelled orgasm, but Katie does not want to be left out, so she has her turn as well. Their orgasms are quiet, but they are definitely real. If you have ever had a fantasy about blonde twins, then you need to see this movie. The girls are genuine, fun, and not even close to being jaded by the industry. Enjoy their innocence while you can! This is a 42-minute video.

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