Taboo Diaries Vol. 15

Released at: August 24, 2018 by Desperate Pleasures
Shae Celestine - After graduation I went to stay with my Uncle while checking out colleges. I was bored one day and stumbled across my cousins diary. She was fucking my uncle! I was so turned on I had to find out what my uncle was like. I went to my uncle's room and confronted him. He was totally shocked but soon I had his hard cock in my mouth just like I wanted. He did things to me no other man had ever done. When he finally exploded we pinky promised to keep it a secret from everyone including my cousin. Its going to be hard but Uncle Jay is well worth the risk Anastasia Knight - I started having some pretty intense dreams. My fantasies were about an older man and so vivid that when I woke up my pussy was so wet I realized the man was my step-daddy. One night when mom was gone I went and crawled into bed with step-daddy. I threw caution to the wind, pulled back the covers and started playing with his cock I took it in my mouth but he was still snoring so I slid his cock inside my tight wet pussy. Step-daddy started to stir as my first orgasm hit me so I held him down and told him to just enjoy it. Soon he gave into his desires and started enjoying himself too. Camille Black - A few months ago I got my boobs done and they looked so phenomenal, I was aching to show step-daddy. I wanted him to help me with a Brazilian Butt Lift to make my ass even bigger. He was speechless when he saw my new assets. When he found out the total price though he was mad. I knew I had to do something quick so I pulled off my top and started sucking his cock step-daddy simmered down a bit when I wrapped my huge tits around his cock but I could tell he was still mad. That kind of excited me and I couldn't help but straddle him and slide his cock inside me.

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