The Erotic Time Machine

Released at: February 28, 2005 by Seduction Cinema
****Recommended For Rental**** Seductive 31st century scientist Miss Manners (Kelli Summers) has unlocked the secret of time travel. She has also discovered a curious side effect of physical motion through the time and space continuum - intimate arousal, the likes of which has never been known to humankind. Manners calls it "lust travel," and she is utterly addicted to it. Lust travel has turned her into a pleasure-seeking adventurer whose sole purpose is to experience erotic satisfaction in every epoch, both past and future. On this particular day, Manners' sights have been set on the 21st century, and she is hot for sensual lesbian action. With her time capsule poised for departure and her luscious young body primed for untold excitement, there is no telling when and if she will ever be coming back to her own time. "The Erotic Time Machine," starring gorgeous Kelli Summers as the sexiest time explorer ever to surf the millennia...

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