The Female Orgasm - Paige Fox

Released at: November 11, 2020 by Femorg
We are happy to present Paige Fox. This new-cummer has really great, strong and perfectly visible orgasmic contractions - each and every time! Paige walks into the bedroom wearing a tank top and grey sweat pants. She turns and giggles at the camera as she takes off her panties and bra. Paige has a nice, slim figure with small perky breasts and a flat tummy. She sits on the bed and figures out how to work the little purple vibrator. Paige's nice, lippy cooch is mostly showed, with an airstrip remaining at the top. She pulls back on her mound often as she works the toy on her clitoris. Paige also keeps her eyes open almost the entire time she wanks. She moistens her clit with her fingers from time-to-time as she enjoys the toy. This scene is a mixed perspective of both close-up and full-body views. Paige's breathing increases a bit, her nipples are nice and erect, and her hips begin to rock up and down as she frantically works the toy on her pussy - she is ready to cum! The camera is zoomed in for a cooch close-up as Paige begins to hiss a bit more audibly, as the contractions take hold. Paige lifts her hips, then presses her bottom firmly into the bed, but her contractions are so strong - Paige falls into the 'snapper' category, in my book. Paige thanks us for watching her after letting us know how good that felt. Paige is back in the bedroom in a black cut-out lingerie piece using the pocket rocket this time. She pulls the thong panties to the side of her cooch as she works the little buzzer up and down and all around her nice full clitoris and pussy lips. This scene is more full-body view, rather than the close-up cooch cam angle. It takes Paige about 8 minutes to 'find' this orgasm, but when she does, it is another really, really strong and perfectly visible one! As she gets closer and closer, her breathing becomes heavier and more audible. She licks her lips often, then pants as the pussy popping contractions take over! From this angle, we are able to see back arch, and her facial expressions as her pussy snaps over and over again in orgasmic contractions! Paige thanks us, once again, for watching! How nice of her! Paige is back in the bedroom, this time enjoying the magic wand on her pussy while bent over doggy-style. She cranks the power up to high as she works the toy all around her clitoris and pussy. After a few minutes, she decides to start off at a lower speed again just to get used to the toy, but it's not too long before she kicks the wand back up to full power. Paige tries and tries for quite some time in the bottoms-up position, but it proves too difficult for her to cum that way, so after a bit of time she rolls onto her back simply saying that she's "got to turn around". She gets comfy on her back, applies a bit of lube and goes back to enjoying the wand. It doesn't take long at all (maybe a minute) for Paige to have a nice, big orgasm! The camera is zoomed in for a close-up cooch view as the orgasmic contractions just pinch her pussy opened and closed over and over again. She cums hard! Lifting her bottom a bit - with lots and lots of nice contractions. Paige says it was really hard to cum with the magic wand, though because it left her feeling "really numb". She says her pussy is tingling everywhere as the camera moves in for a close-up of her swollen and engorged pussy. Wearing lots of hot pink - bra, panties, high-heels and leg-warmers - and resting on black sheets, Paige is back for another orgasm. She applies some lube to her pussy and reaches for the dolphin toy. Paige is a bit more smiley and giggly in this scene as she lies on her back enjoying the toy. As she becomes more and more aroused, she lifts her hips and spreads her legs slightly further apart, often pulling up and back on her pussy mound, while pulling her lips apart. In her usual style, Paige occasionally moistens her clit with her fingers. She is very quiet - only making breathy, panting sounds - even as she cums. Paige rolls the dolphin toy sideways on her clitoris - preferring the pocket rocket feel to the little dolphin. Eventually, Paige turns the toy back around to its 'conventional' use. It's not long at all before she lubes her clit a bit more as her breathing becomes a bit heavier. With the little toy making small circles on her clit, Paige cums again with several big, popping contractions! This orgasm is a full-body view, but each and every contraction is really prominent and visible.

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