Touch & Feety #1

Released at: August 29, 2001 by Ed Powers Productions
Looking for a good solo masturbation tape with hot new girls? Looking for a foot fetish tape? How about 2 in 1? Here are some girls that are not known for boy-girl sex on video or who have limited exposure in that. Watch them masturbate into REAL orgasm then watch me play and suck on their toes and feet. Watch as they play with my penis with their feet and orgasm with me. Lovely Nadia is from England; she's cute and sexy. Adorable Jassie is half Japanese and eager to please. Skye has a sexy Latin look and loves taking new steps. Jade has an Asian mixture and that centerfold look. This is not about the girls having sex, it's about masturbation, foot fetishes and exploration. There may not be intercourse or oral ex in this tape but it is a touch & feely one, actually It's very "Touch & Feety." Enjoy, Love, Ed Powers. Its all about feet, baby!

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