Using Step Brother for Pleasure

Released at: March 28, 2020 by My Pervy Family
"Zoey has been acting a bit strange recently.. She keeps dropping these subtle hints around the house that she wants me. But I don't think I should continue this type of relationship with my stepsister! Her sexuality is practically irresistable. I'm only a man, there is only so much teasing I can take before I end up getting myself into trouble.. Sis was trying to seduce me in the kitchen, but I saw right thru her plan. She always does this.. First she'll act horny and ready to finally fuck, but by the time I finish eating her out, she suddenly doesn't want to screw around anymore.. That's so unfair! Until stepsis wants to return the favor, I'm done being used as her her little toy. So I thought about what you said.. You did? Yeah you're right.. I'm really sorry bro, I shouldn't use you like that -Zoey looks up at me as she rubs my upper thigh- That's ok sis.. Don't worry about it Maybe I can make it up to you now Are you sure? Yes! Take your pants off before I change my mind! As I rush to disrobe my jeans and boxers, all I could think about was sliding into my sisters perfect pussy.. Step sis sucked me off so good, I almost wanted to bust right there in her mouth. But I had to fill her tight hole! She has been teasing me all this time with her perky tits and big round ass. I bend her over and stretch out that tight pussy while our parents are out of the house! Watch as step sis begs for me to cum inside her before realizing what a mistake she has made.. I know she'll be back for more of her brother's big juicy cock! "

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