Young Fantasies Vol. 7

Released at: June 17, 2021 by Vixen is proud to present the next installment of its trendsetting series - Young Fantasies Vol. 7! The popular series is back, celebrating youth and beauty in a collection like no other. Cover models, Eliza Ibarra and Naomi Swann, are two best friends and co-workers both attracted to their newly divorced boss. Annoyed with Elizas grade-school flirting methods, Naomi decides to speed things up by diving in throat first. Also starring Blake Blossom, Jia Lissa & Lena Reif, and Nancy Ace in scorching performances of their own. All wrapped in the high-end production values, breathtaking settings, and captivating storylines is known for, Young Fantasies Vol. 7 is NOT to be missed!

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